Supporting Optimal Well-Being
for Persons with Disabilities

Since 1989 The Trinity Foundation has supported the work and goals of Trinity Services who provide services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and/or behavioral health needs.

Feel The Good That Comes From Giving

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The Gift of Well-Being

When you support The Trinity Foundation, you help people with developmental disabilities and mental illness so that they may flourish and enjoy lives of well-being and maximum potential.  

What We Do

Trinity Foundation oversees several enterprises which provide consulting, educational and training resources for human service workers in the field of disabilities. The focus is on issues of emphatic  leadership and management, positive organizational culture and new perspectives on person-centered planning.

Consulting, Educating, and Culture Enrichment

While fundraising is an essential and needed outcome, we also have a mission of raising standards and enhancing performance for not only our companion organization but for the entire field. 

Cherry Hill Consulting Group

Provides consulting and training services to assist committed organizations working to raise performance standards, to create more positive cultures, and to develop more emphatic leadership styles. Using a “Bad to Better” platform we stimulate the development of more positive and creative ways of approaching daily work and leadership in the field. 

High Tide Press

High Tide Press publishes books and media on Positive Organizational Culture, Leadership, and developmental disabilities for professionals in human services, education, nonprofit management, and healthcare. We promote best practices in management and socially-responsible leadership.

Cherry Hill Books & Media

Cherry Hill is the online and conference retail and wholesale outlet for High Tide Press publications along with hand-picked books and training materials that support our commitment to leadership, positive organizational culture enrichment, and Person-Centered Planning. 


The Trinity Foundation is governed by
a Board of Directors
that oversees fundraising
and financial investment.

Thane Dykstra, Ph.D.

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith

Mike Sieling

Klint DeGeus

John Slack

Art Dykstra

Bob Borgstrom

Bob Taylor

George Troah

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