“Those who give, gather.”

What We Do

The mission of the Trinity Foundation is to advance the cause and enhance the financial resources of Trinity Services, Inc., whose purpose is to assist people with intellectual or developmental disabilities or mental illness to experience well being and live their best possible lives.

Financial Support

  • Manage financial investments for long-term needs
  • Provide management support for Foundation-held Trinity properties and buildings
  • Create income from lease-back properties
  • Establish leadership for the capital campaign as necessary

Programmatic Support 

  • Development of staff training materials
  • Work to shape public policy for people with disabilities
  • Grant writing and development
  • Represent Trinity at selected conferences
    and national association meetings


The Board of Directors of Trinity Services, through its CEO, also provides leadership and direction to three support organizations.


  • The Cherry Hill Consulting Group
  • High Tide Press
  • NAQ

Cherry Hill Consulting Group

Provides consulting and training services to assist committed organizations working to raise performance standards, to create more positive cultures, and to develop more emphatic leadership styles. Using a “Bad to Better” platform we stimulate the development of more positive and creative ways of approaching daily work and leadership in the field.


High Tide Press

High Tide Press publishes books and media on Positive Organizational Culture, Leadership, and developmental disabilities for professionals in human services, education, nonprofit management, and healthcare. We promote best practices in management and socially-responsible leadership.


Trinity Foundation NAQ


NAQ is the leading national association for Developmental Disability Professionals. These professionals go by many names—QIDPs, Service Coordinators and Case Managers to name just a few. Formal titles aside, Developmental Disability Professionals fulfill a variety of roles—from advocate to educator to leader. They are resilient in the face of challenge and uncompromising in the provision of person-directed supports. NAQ has been the go-to organization for these exceptional professionals since it was established in 1996 – providing an avenue for connecting with other professionals, sharing evidence-based best practices, and serving as a resource for learning and continued education.


The Trinity Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that oversees fundraising and financial investment.

Charley Smith, Chairperson

Tim Barker

Thane Dykstra, Ph.D.

Mike Sieling

John Slack

Bob Taylor

Art Dykstra, President and CEO

Klint DeGeus, Emeritus

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